Holistic and Beauty Therapist



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A customized treatment to improve and maintain the health, appearance and condition of your facial skin.

This service includes a consultation, skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, warming of the skin (steam), removal of skin blockages (blackheads and whiteheads), mask, facial massage, toner, moisteriser.

General and homecare advise will be given on how best to care for your skin both externally and internally.

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This treatment improves the appearance and condition of the hands, natural nails and surrounding skin, by keeping the nails smooth, the cuticles tidy and healthy, and the skin soft.

A basic service includes filing, cuticle work, hand massage and polish.
A deluxe service includes all of the above plus exfoliation of hands, mask and heat treatment.


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This treatment improves the appearance and condition of the feet, nails and surrounding skin, by keeping the nails smooth and healthy, the cuticles tidy, removing hard skin, and  relaxing tired and aching feet.

A basic service includes filing/cutting, cuticle work, removal of hard skin, foot massage and polish.
A deluxe service includes all of the above plus foot exfoliation , mask and heat treatment.

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Is a perfect solution for beautiful nails as it is a long wearing and chip-proof gel that looks as thin and as natural as your own nails, only better.

The durable gel is applied as an overlay, in a colour of your choice, onto the nail which is cured under a UV lamp to give a strong but flexible, glossy finish which lasts for up to 3weeks .

This gel strengthens, conditions and promotes growth of natural nails, but can also be applied over existing nail tips or sculptures.

The benefits of Bio-Sculpture are no fumes, no odours, minimal buffing, no drying time, and its removed easily in 15min with no damage to the natural nail.

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Involves the manual manipulation of  skin, tissues and muscles of the head and body, creating either a relaxing or invigorating effect and general feeling of well-being as all the body systems are positively effected.

Physiological effects - increases blood circulation, warms the tissues, skin layers are stimulated, removes dead skin cells, increases removal of waste products and toxins (lymph flow), relaxes tense muscles, improves muscle tone, relieves muscle pain and fatigue.

Psychological effects - a stimulating massage will invigorate, a slow deep massage will relax and relieve tension and stress, stimulation to circulation will energise, a feeling of well-being, increased confidence, positive thoughts.

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You can curl the lashes with an EYELASH PERM. This involves attaching the lashes to a curling rod, after which they are chemically permed, neuteralised and nourished. A patch test is required 24hours prior to a treatment to insure you are not sensitive to any products.

Eyebrows can be shaped, by WAXING or THREADING, in accordance with your natural brow shape and growth pattern , the latest fashion, your age, and in proportion to the rest of your facial features.

Lashes and brows that lack definition can be dyed or TINTED to make the hairs appear longer and bolder, yet natural. Several colours are available which can be varied and mixed to your liking. A patch test is  required 24hours prior to a treatment to insure you are not sensitive to the tint.

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single silk eyelash extensions are applied to each individual natural lash for a light and natural CLASSIC look. For a fuller fluffier look, RUSSIAN VOLUME is available, where 2d-5d fans are created and applied to each natural lash. These lashes are lightweight, waterproof, durable, feel and look like your own and last 6-10 weeks as a one-off application. For a continuous full set it is recommended that you return every 2-3 weeks for a top-up to replace lashes lost in the natural lash cycle.

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is a temporary method of hair removal involving warm or hot wax, which can be applied to any area of hair of the face and body. As the wax is removed from the chosen area, so are all the hairs that were imbedded in it.


Is a similar process to waxing, in that it removes hairs from their roots. However, threading involves the use of thread or cotton that is twisted and rolled over the area of hair to be removed. Threading is commonly used to remove facial hair.

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Sarah Thomas

So happy with my eyelashes!
Lovely experience.



After moving home i had back and neck pain so i went for a massage at A Serene Touch. It was a great massage and the staff were very professional. Clean and tidy atmosphere.



I got the eyelash perm treatment and i rate an overall 5 stars.Shereen was professional, gentle and knows her stuff. will be back again 🙂



Eyelash perm spot on, thanks so much. Lashes fan out nicely. Perfectly done, recommended. Have had it done elsewhere and mistakes have been made, have total confidence in Shereens ability and skill.



This is a lovely little salon, staff are very friendly with a great atmosphere. The pedicure was really good, done to a high standard and the red polish I picked is still going strong 3 weeks on!! Really pleased with the results!! Super friendly therapist. Will go back.



I am a regular client in Serene Touch at Oasis. The beauty therapist does gel nails very well, they look flawless and last for about two weeks (what is important for me as I'm not a big fan of usual manicure). I would definitely recommend doing nails there. Another thing I enjoyed a lot there is massage; so relaxing, you feel like you are on clouds after.